What Are the Different Types of Body Treatments Offered at Our Spa?

Body Treatments by Spa Vela in 2800 Lakeside Parkway, Suite 100 Flower Mound Texas
What Are the Different Types of Body Treatments Offered at Our Spa?

Spa Vela is about enhancing your wellness and beauty with various specialized body treatments. We’ve got you covered by offering a range of treatments, each tailored to accommodate individual requirements and tastes. Our services are designed to provide more than just relaxation, from the calming touch of a scalp renewal treatment to the refreshing feeling of a body polish. 

Our treatments are suitable for everyone, whether your goals are to reduce stress, enhance the health of your skin, or simply treat yourself. Prepare to learn about every treatment’s advantages and special features and how they might improve your general wellness.

Scalp Renewal Treatment​​

For those looking for a treatment that combines relaxation and hair health, Spa Vela’s Scalp Renewal Treatment is a true gem just for you. Imagine the soft, soothing feeling of carefully drizzling and massaging essential oils into your neck and scalp. This process isn’t just soothing; it’s a remedy for restoring balance and deeply hydrating your hair and scalp. The therapy goes beyond simple physical relaxation; at its essence, it treats stress alleviation. Visitors frequently report feeling refreshed and radiant with healthy-looking hair in addition to having a calmer mind. When you need to de-stress and give your hair the attention it needs, this is the perfect option.

Body Polish​​

Spa Vela’s Body Polish is a great skincare treat. Picture exfoliating your skin with a fragrant sugar scrub that has a mild texture and a pleasant perfume. The goal of this treatment is to leave your skin with a radiant shine by smoothing and hydrating rough areas. It’s a sensory experience that blends the practical advantages of skin regeneration with the enjoyment of a delightful aroma, going beyond simple skincare regimens. Suitable for individuals seeking to rejuvenate their skin, our Body Polish is an elegant yet uncomplicated method to pamper your body and experience a sense of renewal.

Massage and Body Polish​​

At Spa Vela, the Massage and Body Polish is the ideal combination of two luxurious treatments. Starting with our distinctive body polish, which is designed to fit all skin types, you can use any of Spa Ritual’s sugar- or coconut-based scrubs. This first step prepares the surface for a deeper level of relaxation while simultaneously refining and hydrating your skin. Once the polish is applied, you will receive a relaxing Swedish massage with light to medium pressure. This combo is perfect for people looking for a full-service spa experience because it gives you a “spa glow” and uplifts your feeling of regeneration and relaxation.


Reflexology offers a special method for unwinding and restoring physical equilibrium. This therapy focuses on particular pressure spots on the feet that are thought to represent various organs and bodily components. Reflexology can improve general health and function and offer a profoundly gratifying sense of relaxation by clearing blockages and adjusting certain areas. Reflexology is more than simply a foot massage, whether you decide to use it as a stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to improve your spa experience. It’s a comprehensive approach that makes you feel wonderful all over.

Body Glow Wrap​​

The beautiful Body Glow Wrap is made to improve and revitalize your skin. This treatment includes a Skin Refining Mask that is high in avocado oil, microalgae, and aloe—ingredients selected for their individual advantages such as hydration, collagen stimulation, and anti-aging qualities. Your therapist will enhance the experience by massaging your face and scalp while you unwind in the wrap. Applying Spa Ritual’s Geranium Cedarwood Massage Oil to your skin at the end of the treatment will leave it feeling deeply hydrated, toned, and radiant. This wrap is an extravagant method of bringing back the young glow on your skin.

Detox Wrap​​

The Detox Wrap is a revitalizing procedure designed to cleanse and revitalize your body. To prepare your skin, begin with a mild yet invigorating scrub with dry brush gloves. After that, you receive a wonderful blend of warm Earl Gray Mud Mask that conditions, softens, and calms your skin. The soothing aroma of Earl Grey enhances the peaceful atmosphere. Spa Ritual’s Earl Grey Salve seals in moisture and shields your skin from environmental stresses as the wrap comes to a close. This wrap is an excellent option for anyone who wants to detox in a relaxing, spa-like setting.

CBD Signature Treatment​​

The goal of the all-inclusive CBD Signature Treatment is to maximize the restorative effects of CBD. To set the tone for a tranquil experience, this treatment starts with a soothing foot soak. After that, the skin on your back is exfoliated and rejuvenated with a coffee scrub packed with Himalayan CBD. After that comes a deeper cleansing CBD clay mask. The final step of the therapy is a full-body massage that relieves aches and aching muscles using body butter, oil, and cream enriched with CBD. Hot stones are added to optimize the CBD products’ absorption and provide a profound healing experience.

Scalp Exfoliating Add-On​​

A simple yet effective treatment, the Scalp Exfoliating Add-On is meant to complement any spa service. This add-on is designed to give your scalp a complete exfoliation, which will revitalize it. It’s a simple, efficient method to remove dead skin cells from your scalp, encouraging healthy hair development and giving your head an instant boost of freshness. This soothing and useful treatment is perfect for individuals seeking a little additional attention during their spa visit. It provides a subtle yet significant improvement in your general state of well-being.\


Are you prepared to enjoy a revitalizing spa treatment? Stop by Spa Vela now to learn more about our extensive menu of body treatments. Every therapy, from the opulent CBD Signature Treatment to the calming Scalp Renewal, is created to meet your specific wellness requirements. Give yourself the attention and downtime you deserve without waiting through our services. Book an appointment or call us at Spa Vela right away to enter a realm of rest and renewal!

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